Lloyd Gardner, Foundation for Development Planning, Inc.

Mike Paparian, InterEnvironment Institute

Roundable, "How urban partnerships tackle global crises"

At the roundtable: Sonja Luz, Singapore Zoo; Mark Bouman and Abigail Lewis, Field Museum, Chicago

"The Urban Imperative" exhibit booth, sponsored by InterEnvironment Institute, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and IUCN WCPA Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group: Ted Trzyna with booth coordinator (and granddaughter) Emily Caughman


*WCPA Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group, www.IUCN-Urban.org

Ted Trzyna, InterEnvironment Institute (and  UCSSG* Chair) on a panel about integrating nature and culture

Kobie Brand, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

 Photos of the IUCN WCPA Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group at the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai'i

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George Rabb, Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo

Gerald Dick, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums