The Urban Imperative: Urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies

Almost half the world’s people live in cities and this proportion is steadily growing. Protected areas provide important benefits to cities; conversely, conservationists depend on support from voters, leaders, and opinion-shapers largely concentrated in urban centers. This book’s message is that conservationists’ success will depend increasingly on taking these urban connections seriously. Two dozen papers examine how those responsible for protected areas can better serve people in large cities and build stronger urban constituencies for nature conservation.

Authors from thirteen countries discuss the multifaceted interdependence of cities and protected areas; innovative roles for conservation organizations in educating urban people about nature, greening cities, and bridging divisions in urban society; and the partnerships essential to working in urban settings. Case studies focus on cities as diverse as Beijing, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Mumbai, and Sydney.

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Ted Trzyna, editor. The Urban Imperative: Urban outreach strategies for protected area agencies. Sacramento: InterEnvironment/California Institute of Public Affairs for IUCN, 2005. 68 pages.

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The Urban Imperative