The urgency

“Ours has become a planet of urban dwellers in a very short time. Already, over half of humanity lives in urban areas. Two thirds will do so in the lifetimes of most people now living on Earth ...

“This trend is already having profound consequences for the environment and for people. Everywhere nature is being squeezed and people are losing contact with it. The implications are many and diverse, but they make the conservation of nature ever more urgent and often more difficult to deliver ...

"Conservationists must take urban people and urban places much more seriously. Unless they do so, they will struggle for relevance in the years to come.”

From Urban Protected Areas

Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group            

World Commission on Protected Areas

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

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Our mantra

The wildest and remotest places on Earth, the most imperiled species on Earth, the chain of life sustaining human life on Earth will be protected only if urban people care about nature.

Le plus sauvage et reculé endroit sur Terre, les espèces les plus en péril sur Terre, le maintien de la chaîne de la vie humaine sur Terre ne seront protégés que si les populations urbaines se soucient de la nature.

Los lugares silvestres más remotos, las especies más amenazadas, y la cadena de la vida que sostiene la pervivencia humana en la Tierra, solo podrán ser protegidos si la población urbana se preocupa por la naturaleza.

Urban Protected Areas(IUCN, 2014)


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