About the Institute


InterEnvironment Institute is different from other California-based public policy institutes in that:

 •  We are international. We work at both global and California levels, bringing experience from other countries and the international arena to California, and vice versa.

 •  We specialize in making connections that otherwise would be unlikely to happen. These include connections among people and organizations, as well as connections between people and information and ideas.

 •   We have a distinctive style of convening that emphasizes collaboration rather than conflict resolution, and stresses the power of knowledge and creative thinking. [This is explained in Our public policy projects: A distinctive style.]

 •  We use and promote what we call “integrative thought and action,” methods that emphasize synthesis as opposed to analysis. Although both methods are needed, skills in analysis (sequential or vertical thinking) are much more common than skills in synthesis (lateral or horizontal thinking). [This is explained in  Integrative thought and action.]